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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-10-10, 01:32)dkplayaclub Wrote: OK. I am back with another question. I completely rescanned all sources on all machines, using IP addresses so they all match. Now all channels load and play fine on my PC. On the Ouya, I can go into channel configuration and all channels are there, so I know the settings2.xml file is being shared properly, but when I start PTV, all I get is 3 of the 24 channels I created. Background updating turned off doesn't seem to help and playlists do not exclude watched items. What exactly should I be checking my settings.xml and settings2.xml files for? Other than that one thing, I am pretty sure I followed the instructions to the letter.

Did you start clean? sounds like you might not have cleaned your db properly or some file permissions are bad.

If I was you... I know its a pain, but I would do the following without skipping a step...

On both systems (ouya, pc)


for the rest of the instructions I will refer to the PC as the "master" and ouya as "slave"

check masters source.xml. Make sure all paths to media are smb with user/pass and ip address
check that master xbmc loads those source folders.
copy source.xml, mediasources.xml and password.xml to your slaves folder...

in xbmc scrape all media (on master and slave) with the exact same scraper and settings...

when all media is fully scraped, open slave ptvl settings enable channel sharing and point it to your masters settings2.xml location.

now ptvl is completely in sync with the master... and you should have matching libraries for both devices...
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