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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-10-23, 14:26)mzup Wrote: Went and installed latest master nightly and it states dependencies not met. What needs to be installed?

Master is broken till Friday, use stable link in post 1

(2013-10-23, 18:29)scilz Wrote: i have worked out a way around dead strms. i noticed that dead strms usually come back on at some point and there are usually a few strms for each channel online somewhere. example i have 3 espn2 strms and they go out sometimes but i have never had all 3 out at the same time. so i put all 3 in a strm file then used directory channel in ptvl and point to that strm file. all works great except now i don't have xmltv info for that channel cause it is a directory. so what i am asking is if anyone knows of a way to use xmltv data with a directory channel or has any ideas for another work around.

Have you tried chtype 8 with a multiple link strm?

spyder Wrote: Do m3u files work with PTVL and xmltv? Or has this already been tried/discussed?
M3u's are the main component for each channel.

A collection of sources in m3u format could be dissected for its links then added to ptvl.
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