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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Luna, I have tried xmltv over and over again. I have read through this forum and tried everything mentioned, i.e. the utf-8 issue etc. I have created and recreated the xmltv file in different places and drives on my computer and nothing has worked - always a blank screen as soon as I enter it on any channel whether off of hdhomerun or engmia2 pvr. I posted an example earlier (#899) and have tried several hours more of creating and recreating xmltv files since then to no avail. Not sure how to post log info. Will look that up and figure it out and try to post a log for additional help. It is no problem recreating the problem for me because it does it every time.

Just the fact I have all my media in one interface at the moment has my excited. Will continue to work on epg data and hopefully post some log file info for further help.
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