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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-21, 17:54)scilz Wrote: i have a feature request - a slider in settings that you can set to disable fast forward/rewind. i have my dad's,kids,wifes ptvl set up with just live strms, but they constantly try to fast forward then i have to fix it lol. huge pain in the ass when my dad does it and i have to drive up to his house lol.
not sure if this is possible just a thought. and for GA i hate it in other dev's addon's but that is because i don't trust them from past experience. but i would not care if you did it luna cause i know you are doing it to make xbmc better. where as they do it to make money and it results in xbmc experience being worse.

As for disabling ff option I will look into it...

Thanks for the trust. I want complete transparency on what GA info is tracked. I'm not looking to make money selling data or ads. Just want to know how many users, what chtype, and what skin is being used. All this info can help me focus improvements.
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