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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-24, 22:43)blazin912 Wrote: Been a while, learned to live with a lot of the bugs in my version of this fork, but with all the hard work that's been going on I'm thinking about updating to the latest.

Luna -- How does the error handler work? ie Does it validate a channel, or the files. I'd assume it's more for 24/7 type stream channels than a playlist of stream files? If this checks each stream file in a channel that would be excellent and will clear up 90% of the bugs I have in my system.

Really great work you've been putting out, I may have time this coming week to load a system with the latest and try the master build out. I'm excited .

Hey, been awhile...

Added error handling to chtype 8 and 9. Trying to make PTVL crash proof.

For Chtype 8; before a channel is built PTVL will check for a valid xmltv file, if one is found it will check if the stream is working.
If both pass the channel is built. This should end black screen crashes.

Chtype 9 does the same stream test but no xmltv test.

No strm error handling... ATM
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