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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-30, 06:36)locoguano Wrote: Trying this for the first time and I am getting a black screen trying USTVNOW channels. I didn't post a log because I wanted to ask these questions first...
1. In order to use USTVNOW, do I have to make an xmltv file?
2. Did I read correctly that there is an xmltv file available but it is only for "donaters"?

1. USTVNow includes xmltv on its own, and you don't need to be a donator to use it.
Make sure you are using my build of ustvnow in post 1, and don't let any "unofficial repos" update it.

2. Future LiveTV autotune channels will only be available as a thank you to donators.

(2013-11-30, 06:46)Dumyat Wrote: Luna - Soz, me again.
Has anybody reported any issues with the USTVNOW plugin not working with the latest master build? Updated to this version yesterday with a clean install and used the auto-tune feature to set-up these channels up like I did with the previous build (with no problem), but when I launch PTVL now nothing happens and just seems to crash with the blank screen syndrome. If the channels are removed and replaced with something else (playlist/strm file) it works fine. Reverted back to the previous build earlier just to see if these channels would still work/load and yes they did, with no problem, so not sure what's causing the problem with the latest build.
Like I said, not sure if anybody else has had this same problem?

Here's my log

that log was not from a fresh autotune...

I think your setting2.xml is misconfigured, its trying to load
trying to open L:\XBMC Downloads\TV Guide\m2cxml PTL\XMLTV.xml

which isn't need for ustvnow...

post a link to your setting2.xml please
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