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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-30, 07:05)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-11-29, 23:13)Grbspltt Wrote:
(2013-11-29, 21:49)Lunatixz Wrote: Did you disable all tvdb/tmdb settings? its in beta so you really should try disabling anything that says (coming soon).
If after disabling you still have issues, send me a new log...

I updated the pastebin link with the new log.

Can't say I've ever seen that problem before... Its an easy fix, but it requires me to update code... I will fix in the next master push...

just one question what kind of xmltv id is "NA_SD_CA04486:-_10743_5 " what xmltv grabber are you using and what country?

This is my XMLTV file if that helps.

I use XMLTV Gui from:

Using NA_SD grabber for Schedules Direct in San Diego CA. It was working fine up until I updated from the master a few days ago.
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