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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-04, 08:14)scilz Wrote: i'm giving you guys a early Christmas gift only thing i ask is PLEASE DO NOT ASK ANY QUESTIONS BOUT THESE IN THIS THREAD. this thread is for luna to get feedback on ptvl not for you guys to bloat it with questions on how to add these streams. if you cant figure it out just read threw this thread all you need to know has already been answered here.
this is not finished but there is a lot of stuff in this some may not work also there are numbers after a lot of the names these are for xmltv data.
im going to clean my pc and just wanted to give this to you guys so my work can help you (did not want it to go to waste).
P.S if you don't have futubox or ustvnow paid sub don't expect those streams to work for you.

here it is

I beg your forgiveness in advance for my seemingly idiotic question,
but since I do not know how to incorporate these files (even after reading the first page numerous times lol),
does it mean I can play Comedy Central or any other *.strm file without having an antenna or tuner in my computer?
I have only managed to write Youtube channels into the settings2.xml

Again, I humble pray for your mercy and hope your head will not explode in rage.
Thank you in any case and have a great day Smile
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