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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
::UPDATE:: Master updated!!

Please remember to delete your cache folder, enter settings and check for new options... make sure old settings and paths are correct, if you are using tvdb/tmdb make sure api keys are correctly entered...

If you encounter problems, please try forcing reset in settings... if that doesn't work disable tvdb options. send me logs Smile

Can someone who already had a working PTVL setup and is familiar with PTVL. Let me know whats going on with the master copy? is it working for you? can I see logs?

On my end PTVL is working better then ever...


"Dynamic" artwork to EPG for LiveTV and regular channel types.
Cleaned up genre and chtype EPG coloring...

Dynamic artwork, works while changing the highlighted (in focus) title in the EPG.

Dynamic artwork for regular channel types (0-7) will look for whatever artwork type (ie, poster,fanart,banner) is set in the skin (this adds flexibility for skinners).
For example "fanart" is selected for the default skin, PTVL will look in the media folder for the selected title and will search up to two parent directories for fanart.jpg or fanart.png; then display image.

Dynamic artwork for LiveTV will use the tvdb/imdb id scraped after turning on the feature in settings. PTVL will look in /cache/artwork folder for a matching image, if not found it will download and save one; The artwork folder will fill with new images till a channel rebuild is called (either manually or automatically) which will clear the artwork cache...

EPG Coloring is pretty simple,
Channel types gives you a color based on the chtype.
Genre type searchs your xmltv file for a genre, if one isn't found and tvdb/imdb is enabled it will scrape one.

In the works:
Genre coloring for regular channel types via xbmc genreid.
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