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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Hi Luna - I've been testing a bit here with streams that i know for certain are working and have worked before in PTVL, but now PTVL won't load them as channels.
Here's one for instance:

I have tried this one in XBMC outside PTVL and it works fine. Then I have tried it in PTVL and nothing.
I know my code is fine as I swapped out the stream with another stream and it worked and appeared as a channel - swapped back in the one above, and nothing again. Has anything changed that might cause this? I was thinking perhaps that the recent changes to catch broken streams etc might be booting this?

Just to add, the stream I have pasted above isn't the only one, several others have produced this behaviour for me. If you need a log let me know and I'll post it. Just thought I'd post first in case something obvious occured.

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