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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
One feature i'd love to see is categories. If you want lots of channels and they have different type, i.e. Network, Movies, Documentaries, Streaming, LiveTV etc, i think being able to drill down to just a single category would be a great way of having hundreds of channels that are easily found. What do you think ? Done in the same way the current builds of LIVETV work on XBMC

BTW fantastic work. I love how you've progressed Jasons work and enhanced it so much its now a MUST rather than a DESIRE. The EPG colors for genres are fantastic as is the ability to parse live feeds. Your unifying it to one program suits all and i'm forever grateful. Well done.

Also one other feature i think would be cool would be when calling the EPG, instead of overlaying it on the currently playing channel, have that channel minimized into a preview box under the EPG guide. Makes selection easier.
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