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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-23, 12:16)Maniac Wrote: How come you guys don't have at least a working version for the Gotham monthly builds? Smile
Would be nice to start testing for Gotham... Some of us cannot use Frodo, because of issues with LiveTV, so we are stuck with Gotham.

Why would he focus on a version of xbmc that is still in progres? He is still not done developing for frodo - why would he have two different versions going when he is not done with 1? If you want to see this progress at all you have to understand that he does all of this for free and more than likely has a full time job/family outside of your wants/needs.

You want a working version for frodo grab the source from github and start tinkering.

Until then enjoy your livetv on gotham
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