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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
So after doing some tests, I think I figured out what the problem may be. I have 3 machines I want to share PTVL custom channels amongst. Everytime I boot them up, they all refer to the default channels except the main machine. I have tried sharing the folder with the settings2.xml I have also copied the settings2.xml to the script.pseudotvlive folder, when I do that all I get is a black blank screen on the machines.

So I shut the channel sharing off and created custom channels on all 3 machines using shared media, and all 3 machines can use custom channels created on each machine, and use the media no problem. I just can't seem to get all 3 of them to share the same media channels.

If I have to go in and create custom channels on all 3 machines individually then so be it, but I was really hoping to have one master machine with custom channels and share to the other 2. I have gone over all the steps, I swear, like 25 times now, over and over and can't get it going.
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