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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-12-27, 04:49)ThorC1138 Wrote:
(2013-12-26, 21:48)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2013-12-26, 19:52)ThorC1138 Wrote: I can report that the 12.3 upgrade went just fine with no [new] issues seen!

That being said, is there a fix for the dynamic EPG images coming, perhaps after the holidays?I recall a few pages back that something was in the works...the more recent EPG xmls seems to be defaulting to looking only for a landscape jpg, unless you manually go in an edit it to "fanart" on the include statement(s).

If no image is found it defaults to a fallback image. Read post 2 for a detailed description of dynamic artwork under skinning...
BTW it's still a WIP... Smile so let me work out the bugs...

Thanks for the 12.3 feedback...

Sure, no prob. If it helps any, I understand from the instructions in the first posts that fanart should be the default, but in the EPG xml for the PTVL skin, it looks like you are only making calls to "fanart" for the trending item windows, the others are set for landscape, as are all the ones in the default skin EPG. Here's what I believe is a relative excerpt below for reference..


<!--Movie.landscape Now Playing-->
<control type="image">
<texture fallback="landscape.png">$INFO[Player.Art(landscape)]</texture>

I've had some success manually editing it so it calls fanart, and editing/removing the fallback file, but I'm missing something as its brings up fanart when you first open the EPG, then if you start scrolling, it will load a landscape image if that exists, or if not, the fanart from the first item loaded is displayed. Probably just something simple I'm missing in trying to fix it myself.

I think I may just use a util to copy fanart.jpg to landscape.jpg in the root movie folders where none exists currently [most older movies and TV shows don't have any available through the usual sources], that would do it for a quick fix until you get a chance to get the kinks out.

Thanks again!

Well.. the default skin using fanart is a typo... it uses landscape Smile
As for image fallback's if you use poster in label 507, image 508 will look for posters (either download them for LiveTV or look in media folders for other Chtypes). When nothing is found it will look in the selected skins folder for poster.png and use that image. It works like this for every image type...

The fallback you referenced in your post is for non dynamic artwork.
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