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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Look man, the only chip is that this is a great piece of software and the one thing that seems to be getting in the way is your elitism. I'm not saying people shouldn't read or research thier issues first, but there's no need to talk down to everyone that is new to this. You have to admit, this isn't the most user friendly software to use.

I know you want a lot of logs and a lot of users to fine tune the bugs, but people get insulted and turn away from PTVL. I'm just suggesting you rethink your approach, like putting log instructions in the OP as I've said before. Searching may narrow down the thread, but hundreds of posts of other peoples logs rather than the answer still turns people away as well.

As for a chip. I only pointed out your hostility the first time I wrote to you and got put on an "FU" list in your readme and ignored. Classy. Since then I have politely inquired about bugs and functionality, offered input, and assisted a skinner on compliance with your addon. But it doesn't matter anyways, you'd just rather be in the dark rather than improving upon PTVL.
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