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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-08, 19:13)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2014-01-08, 18:54)paulmd Wrote: Is there any obvious reason that hulu strms (added to my library from bluecop's Hulu addon) wouldn't be showing in PTVL channels?
The shows are in my library and work great. But they won't populate PTVL channels.

I've tried making channels using a single hulu-extracted show. I've tried making channels with a playlist generated by hulu-extracted shows. Such channels don't show up in the EPG.
And I've tried channels that mix hulu-extracted and other shows. Those channels show up but none of the hulu content does.

I can't find any similar problems in the forums.

I think that's because Hulu works great with PTVL Wink

Without a proper log, I have no way of knowing exactly why... but if I had to guess you enabled "generate nfos" in the Hulu Plugin, then scraped using those NFO's...
Which is a big no no! if you did, you have some work ahead of you to get things working...

1. select "none" as media type in XBMC for the Hulu folders, clean database (twice) better safe then sorry!!, exit and reload XBMC
2. delete all nfo's in hulu folder
3. deselect build nfo's in hulu plugin
4. rescrape all hulu folders
5. rebuild all PTVL channels using "force channel reset"

Tho outdated, some info can be found in this old thread I started before I released PTVL:

Perfect! Thanks, man.
This addon is new to me, so it wasn't to much rework. I only had a couple of hulu shows in the library and am still testing my PTVL setup.

This thing is really amazing.
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