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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-07, 22:47)MovieJunky Wrote:
(2014-01-07, 21:31)ylafont Wrote: I would like to know if anyone has a preference on which TV Backend works best with PTVL. Currently i am using MythTV and have about a 5 second delay with each channel switch and I am wondering if it could be improved. thanks.

I am using Media Portal (backend and plugin) and I see about an 8 second delay when changing channels. I think someone said something about this earlier in this thread,
but I cannot find it anymore. Something about a new Frodo version that has dramatically faster channel switching times. Maybe someone can elaborate.
Yeah, I wrote on here a few weeks back that there is unofficial XBMC 12.2 release by margro for folk currently using Media Portal as their backend. This release is excellent for live TV. Channel changing is between 2-3 seconds. That's a huge improvement on the official XBMC 12.2 release which as you said is painfully slow. I wouldn't bother upgrading to the current 12.3 version either, released on Christmas Eve. I tried that, thinking the channel changing improvements on margro's release would have been implemented, but they obviously haven't as yet since channel changing using MP as the backend is still hellish. So, I reverted back margro's release. Makes the whole PTVL experience far more enjoyable, especially when you don't have to wait like 8 seconds to change from one live TV channel to another! :Smile
Looks his link for this release is down at the moment, but fortunately I saved a copy. You can get it on my dropbox, using the below link:

As this is un-official release of XBMC, so I don't know if all plugin's will work. That being said, I've been using it for a good few weeks now with no real issues. All the plug-in's I use certainly work with no bother.
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