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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-12, 00:28)moneymaker Wrote: @Lunatixz

Damn my post above is pointless Big Grin. My ATV2 crashes a lot when I use some WIP skins (Bello, Confluence), never mind. Ok, so far I've installed the script and after some minutes of fetching it works. There are no missing dependency modules. I would like to know how I could add the plugins like Free Cable, Hulu, VEVO etc to be scanned.

According to the manual I have to open any XBMC plugin, highlight the media I want and add it to XBMC favorites. Open favorites.xml with notepad and use the entire link as value?

I need more time to address the issue.

If you're using freecable, hulu... just use mylibrary to generate strm files, then scrape in xbmc... PTVL will pick them up. Don't enable "Generate nfos" in hulu (unless you fixed it)...
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