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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-01-14, 17:10)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2014-01-14, 16:21)Dumyat Wrote: Hi Luna,
Could I just check something with you please.
When your settings up bumpers, am I right in saying the correct configuration is to first point PTVL to your local Bumpers folder and within that folder, you should have additional folders named after the actual channel. You then put your actual bumper files in each channel folder? I read your instructions at the beginning of the thread and this seemed to be the way to set bumpers up, but the ones I've set-up so far don't seem to work. Is this correct method? Do you need to name your actual bumper file anything specific? I've tried using both auto and setting 1. Btw, the local commercials I've set-up work just fine....Smile

I think there is an issue with my code and non English characters, I need logs to resolve the problem... I'm pushing a fix tonight that may resolve your problem...
Thanks for the update.
Again, just tried to create a log with PTVL debugging enabled as well, but when the XBMC log uploader asks me if I want the log emailed to me, I get a script error when I say yes. When I do the same thing without PTVL debugging, I don't get a script error. Quite frustrating, as I really want to be able to offer you as much info as I can so that your in a position fix things more easily. Smile
Let me know if a log without PTVL debugging would suffice? Not sure how much help that would be to you?
Also, is there a problem at moment with the dynamic artwork for live TV that you are aware of? I'm getting the dynamic artwork for local movies/TV Shows with no probs.
Thanks again...Smile
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