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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Lunatixz, thank you for improving the program. I tried using XBMC back 3 years ago and was frustrated with it. I went the ROKU / PLEX route and have about 7TB of videos using a Mac Mini server. It drove me nuts that you cannot play anything random. My wife refused to cut off cable until I showed her this (even though we have Hulu, Plex, Netflix, and Amazon Video + Crap Time Warner) I did lots of searching and came across this. As I get it working which I have seen, I'll have some donations coming to you from time to time and support your efforts. If you need website efforts, servers and etc, just let me know if that comes of use. I'm confused where the latest update is. I use the first one on the front page (0.30 rightHuh) Thanks, Eric.

Update: Found your code site and see 0.30 is the latest. Ok got the hang of it, how do you start to donate? (plus donate thing).

Update #2: Ok donated 10. More over the course of time Big Grin
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