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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-02-02, 01:04)xecutionx Wrote: Why aren't my TV Show channels using all episodes? It seems to jump around and take one episode per season. This happens with every show.
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(2014-02-02, 00:23)Sleuteltje Wrote:
(2014-02-01, 23:49)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2014-02-01, 23:40)Sleuteltje Wrote: Lunatixz, you were talking about keymaps that may come in handy. A zoom button would be nice ('z' in normal xbmc player), so 4:3 can be stretched etc.

I'll consider it... I would say yes, but I'm running out of available keys on the remote Wink

Thnx! The normal z button doesn't work in PTVL. It would be great if that would work. If someone wants it on the remote they can just map a remote button to Z. I have my remote mapped to keyboard presses. So it would be ideal for me Smile.

Yes, and with Eventghost the skies the limit... but I'm going to add a few basic remote features. My end goal for this project is an ALL in one Settopbox replacement, with easy setup and configuration, along with a windows and android companion tool for on the fly channel editing...
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