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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-02-07, 01:32)Indy_star Wrote: Just updated to 0.3.3 and trying to use the Live TV Artwork downloader. When I have the setting "Enable Dynamic Artwork for Live TV" and switch to a live tv channel the overlay freezes with the previous channels information and I only hear audio of the current channel, the video stays on a black screen. I can not exit PTVL and have to actually hard kill XBMC. I remove the Dynamic Artwork setting and PTVL works again as expected without the artwork obviously. Happy to provide a log if needed.

This isn't a bug... your system is being taxed beyond its capability...
What kind of setup are you running? if you are running the equivalent of a core duo with at least 4gb ram.

I would try disabling all XBMC service modules and skin widgets, Disable PTVL background updating and if you are running windows make sure you have "Aero" and "search index" disabled.

It also doesn't hurt to make sure you're not limiting background threads in XBMC by checking your advancedsettings.xml for "<bginfoloadermaxthreads>"

Of coarse if you are running PTVL on a low power PC, android or Rasberrypi; I would disable all "Dynamic artwork" , background updating and all API features...
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