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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
I am checking out this amazing addon and am loving everything it does! I am still in the set-up process but have run into a little snag.

I use XBMC.MyLibrary to scan web content into my xbmc library as .rtmp files and when I try to run videos from hulu only the first segment plays then it jumps to the next show.

For example if the first show in the guide is from Hulu it will play the network roll and then jump to the next show. If that show is also from Hulu then it will do the same thing. If it from another source such as playon it will show the whole video.

As far as I can tell from experiments it only has this error when I try to play .strm files that link to shows from sites that have commercials, or other pre-roll videos. Hulu, CBS website, etc...
Like I said earlier I am still in the set-up process but I have been stuck on this issue for several hours now with no luck. I have tried searching the forum with no luck and have read a good portion of it with no luck. My hope is there is someone else out there who has run into a similar problem when trying to use XBMC.MyLibrary and PesudoTV Live together.
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