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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2014-02-20, 10:26)HeLLy187 Wrote: I recently was adding some TV Shows to add some more TV Networks. I get to TBS and I add the first episode "Who gets the last laugh?". Once I get to TBS channel the EPG lags really hard. I eventually get control of it and all it says for what is playing on the channel is TBS Superstation. It does tell you the info of the show in the bottom left corner. So I am 99% sure it is scraped correctly. Not sure if you need a log for this or not.

Humm, Makes me wonder.
About 2 weeks ago, i accidentally upgrade to Gotham, once I realized it, I downgraded back to 12.3 and could not tell if it was the upgrade the caused the same Lag in the EPG or Gotham upgrade. Adding to the mix, I also used Ember to scrape the entire library since XBMC was not doing a proper scrape even though i had all of the options selected.

My poor EPG performance is very noticeable. The Worst offender if channels like the Movie Trailers,and the BBC World news (at least 20 second delay) where the guide is just a series of dots even though i have set short videos duration to 360 in PTVL. then come the local scraped channels like TBS,

Strangely enough, live channels and radio stations have no delay. I was just going to wait for the the official Gotham release to upgrade both XBMC and PTVL and see if the problem disapeared but now i am not sure.

Luna, What do you think?
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