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[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
Feedback wanted: Upcoming "Bring the popcorn" Movie chtype is finished!

Quick info: finds movies on YouTube, since it's hosted on YouTube it falls into a loop hole concerning questionable content.

The channel can be built manually like the rest of the chtypes, it will feature (genre, year, resolution) switches to generate channels based on your selection.

Question, for popcorn autotune, would you:
A) like it to generate "1" channel based on your input (genre, year, resolution)?
B) Would you like it to generate all possible genre types ("40" channels) into its own channel based on your input (year, resolution)?

A, the autotune builds a working channel, so it's very easy to manually copy/paste to create other genre types.
B, can slow things down and will definitely create channels you may not want...

food for thought... Input window closes tomorrow eveningSmile
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