How To: Refresh Channel Labels and EPG Info
A few things about my set up:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
MediaPortal TV Server Configuration - running the TVServerXBMC plugin and XmlTv plugin (with mc2xml pulling channel info)
XBMC 12.2

I recently upgraded to XBMC 12.2 from the XBMC 11 PVR build. I also upgraded to the latest version of mySQL (which required some tweeks for the MediaPortal TV Server Configuration). I got everything working in XBMC and then decided that I wanted to update the labels for my live TV channels.

I went into the MediaPortal TV Server Configuration and changed the labels for the TV Channels (I wanted to include the channel number in the label as well as the station and network information). I also removed 3 channels by going into the TV Channels tool and un-checking the box next to the channels I no longer wanted to display. Finally, I updated the mappings for the XmlTV plugin (to assign the proper Guide Channel to the Tuning Channel).

Once I completed all of these things, I went to Manual Control and stopped then started the Service. I then went to the XmlTV plugin and imported the tvguide.xml manually. I clicked OK to close the MediaPortal TV Server Configuration and I launched MediaPortal to confirm everything was working properly - it was.

When I opened XBMC, the updates have not taken affect properly (it has been 3 days since I made the modifications). The TV channels that I unchecked (to hide) are still appearing and the labels for the channels have not been updated. It also appears that the mappings have not updated - but that is difficult to confirm since the labels have not updated. With that said, I see EPG information for every channel except 3 - I assume these are the 3 channels I was trying to hide which I did not map Guide/Tuning Channels. I also can confirm that the program information is the same as in MediaPortal but they are assigned to the incorrect station labels.

In XMBC I have tried disabling and then entirely uninstallling/reinstalling the MediaPortal PVR add-on. That has not fixed the issue.

On a side note - I have read about the Channel Manager in XBMC (Settings > Live TV > General > Channel Manager). I was afraid that if I made changes there and it was a cache issue with the MediaPortal PVR that everything might get messed up in the future once the cache updates. To the best of my knowledge, I never used this feature when I was running XBMC 11.

I assume this issue has something to do with cache/database. Any ideas on how I can get this issue resolved? Any help would be appreciated - thanks in advance.
You can reset the PVR and EPG databases in Live TV settings in XBMC

Assuming Confluence skin

System/Settings/Live TV/General ---- Reset the PVR Database
System/Settings/Live TV/EPG --- Reset the EPG Database
Thanks for the help tommywm22. I ended up using the Channel Manager and everything appears to be working properly at the moment.
Also you can refresh from terminal using xbmc-send:
xbmc-send --action="XBMC.StartPVRManager"

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How To: Refresh Channel Labels and EPG Info0
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