AppleTV 2 (black) - Noobroom XBMC add-on.

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JawsDK Offline
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Hellow fellow brethren.

Anyone into the XBMC add-no made/modifed by dknlght?
Just installed the add-on, and it only lists like 25 old movies from the lists and won't start the stream from the listed servers. When i try to update the movie list the script generates and error.
The add-on might be outdated or missing some tuning. Anyone know where to find an up to date add-on or something similar to it?

Fiddeling with it on a ATV2 5.1.2 Jailbroken with FireCore.

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optixine Offline
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I have updated the Noobroom plugin to a new version including some fixed and also changing the movie limit to 50 items, please have a look here:
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