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I personally don't like settings hidden away in applications, but I understand the reason for it in settings-rich applications, which is definitely what XBMC is.

The trick is to make sure that things the average user needs to change are there when things start. Notice the use of the word "need" rather than "want". Users are quite happy with apps once they realise that the thing they want to change can't be done. Most of the time it's not a big deal and they get on with using it anyway. It's only stuff they need that they care about.

As long as those things are exposed by default, I don't have an issue with a settings level button for other stuff that isn't as important to the user.

What I do think is important is giving the option to skinners and those that produce alternate versions of XBMC for appliances (OpenElec, Pivos etc.) to easily alter the experience for a different target market than XBMC may serve. i.e. allow them to have settings levels if they want.

In Confluence, I'd tend to err on exposing as many settings by default as possible, with the "Advanced/Expert" toggle being used only for those settings that potentially break things. I do think it's important for the button to be there in Confluence, as that's one way that we can indicate to skinners and others that build on XBMC that the facility is there. Note that I think this should be skin-controlled in some way. i.e. skinners should be able to dictate the default base level they'll show settings at (overridden by the users' selection of level).

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