WIP Simplicitas
I Have loved XBMC since i first discovered The Aeon Stark Skin.

Over the years i changed other peoples skins to fit with what i liked but just through changing images as i cant code. This is my vision for a skin yet its only a concept and i will never be able to put it to work but i just like simple things and clean looks. Features are great i just love to have instant access to what i use. Music, Movies and TV Shows. Hope you like it.


Home Screen With Select Overlay


Music Screen


Movie Poster View


Big Grin

watch gallery
nice images. Coding is just a matter of learning it. Smile
Perhaps an overlay with "Music", "TV" and "Movies" on the front page would help indicate what it is? You could use some transperancy or something, so that it doesn't "pop" out.

Other than that, I think it looks stunning. I love these minimalistic skins.
Nice, can't wait to see more.
Seeing this makes me want to learn to skin for XBMC. Beautiful. Very nice work.
That looks very nice!
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Looks very nice, but the font sizes are a bit small to be easily readable from 10 ft. in a living room
Very nice. Keep those mockups coming. Wink
More skins that look nice but never get made.
(2013-10-16, 18:41)TheLegendOfMart Wrote: More skins that look nice but never get made.

Exactly. These should be posted in a 'Concept's' section, not really a WIP Actual Skin.

The amount of never completed skins in this section is getting out of hand. The only ones you can rely on getting made are the designs from authors with a history of completing them.

I don't think those who do these mockups have any idea of the work that goes into making a fully working skin. It never takes long before the 'real life took over' or 'i got busy at work/school'..followed by 'this skin is dead' posts follow.
Agreed, though they do often serve for inspiration.

Perhaps another subsection in skin dev is required: "concept art" or something similar?
Look really great :p
Watched TV
Watched Movies
A while ago I offered my assistance to help bring this concept into reality. I never did get a response so unfortunately it looks as though it may just die. I suppose I could make an attempt to recreate these mockups myself.

What do others think? Is that worth pursuing?
I think that would be a great idea niamu!
i would love to see this skin come to life!
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