[linux] Autostart application within XBMC
With advanced launcher i made a shortcut that i put in my favorites that launches Firefox starting on http://www.grooveshark.com invisible in the background of XBMC. I can control the website with the android gsremote app, this works wonderfully. The only problem is that i have to start the shortcut manually every time XBMC starts. I would like to start the shortcut automatically when XBMC is started.
You can create an autoexec.py Python script in your userdata (wiki) directory that launches the same command used to launch Firefox as in your favourites.xml. Search the forums for the term autoexec.py to see examples.
Thanks! Got things working now, needed to replace some characters to make it work. For the interested the contents of my .xbmc/userdata/autoexec.py file:
import xbmc
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[linux] Autostart application within XBMC00