Solved Time Remaining (of video) At Top Won't Go Away!

I've installed (fresh) Xbian beta 1.1 on the Raspberry Pi and when playing videos, there is a video time remaining counter embedded in a translucent black bar covering the top 15-20% of the screen... How can I disable this?

Is this specific to Xbian beta 1.1 as I didn't notice it on Beta 1.0... But don't want to convert back (if possible).

Thanks in advance for any assistance!
never heard of anything like this tbh
is it same on all videos you trying to play?
can you also post a screenshot or picture how does it look on screen ?
Yes... All videos... Went to record one for a YouTube link to post and it appears the image is corrupt... Will format and try (yet again)... And post results... Thanks for the interest and help!
A photograph taken with a phone should be adequate.
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Will post shortly... Thanks!
This is a photo showing the playing of a video from my NAS... it is the same for DiVX, .avi, .mpg, etc... even if streaming.

Timestamp format appears to be

33:33:33/ **:**:** [%%:%%:%%]

The 3's are ALWAYS 3's on any video.

The ** = represent total video length,

The %% = Time elapsed (not time remaining as I previously mis-stated).

FYI... Just formatted (yes, again) and I started from scratch and downloaded the Windows installer from xbian-dot-org to verify it isn't a corruption there...

I chose to install Xbian Beta 1 this time (as about the time I upgraded to Xbian Beta 1, I noticed the bar)...

So... the same issue is still there... right outta stock... no settings changed or even looked at... same time elapsed information appearing.

Wondering if it is perhaps Xbian... but I swear to you this issue was not occurring prior on Xbian 1 a week back.
I think that's the seek bar that would show up if you pressed 333333.
Does it occur if you unplug keyboard?
Can you try an openelec build?
looks like sticky "3" key on keyboard
Appreciate the replies - however I'm not using a KB - rather I'm using IOS XBMC remotes.

KB isn't even plugged in.

Perhaps I should try the KB and NOT use the IOS app to see if the "banner" still appears... I'll keep you all posted - and thanks again.

It is with GREAT humility and GREATER appreciation that I reply...

Although I wasn't using a KB when the issue with the Time Remaining counter, there was in fact a KB plugged into one of the Pi's USB ports... and yes, there was something pressing down on the key(s).

Most replies focused on a KB issue... you knew it the entire time!

Couldn't have done it without all of the assistance... now someone give me one of those N00B Lifetime Achievement awards!

Thank you all again - sincerely.
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