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[Archive] Arctic
Hi everyone,

I like this theme very much.
I have installed my mac mini with the help of this How To: Mac Mini Mediacenter mit EyeTV + Plex / xbmc Link

But there are only a few skins which are supported:
- Plex Mediastream
- PlexAeon9
- XBMC Confluence (XBMC 11, 12 , 13 und 14); Anleitung für Aeon Nox: Klick!
- Plex Home Theater (Mediastream und Plex Standard Skin)

For Aeon Nox there is a customized Includes_Home.xml available - in this topic

Can someone be so kind and adjust the Includes_Home.xml of this skin?

Kind regards Wink
(2014-11-30, 15:57)fantasticn Wrote:
(2014-11-29, 22:57)jurialmunkey Wrote: Cry me a river. Its been stated numerous times that there will be a mkiii, there is just no eta as I dont have time to work on two skins, do a 5 day fulltime internship for uni, do uni assessments and work my other job at night. I can delete the thread and repo if you would prefer not to have access to the skin at all... there are 100s of skins in this wip forum that are no longer maintained - why dont you go have a whinge in all those threads too. Seriously, what I cannot understand is the attitude and sense of entitlement some people on this forum display regarding the countless hours devs dedicate for FREE to xbmc/kodi. We arent here to serve you, we just want to share the work we have done.

Why so angry? I just explained that the current version of arctic (mkii) is no longer maintained. And that is - obviously and unfortunately - just the truth. In my opinion it should be moved to the regular skin section then, nothing else. And I very much appreciate your work, I enjoyed this skin a long time and I am very sad that there will not be a version for Helix anymore. But of course I understand you giving priority to your studies and a can (and will) not claim anything else from you.

As to the WIP-section: There are so many skins in progress, but not many of them for the new version of kodi (Helix). That's a pity, since Helix currently has reached Beta 5 and it is quiet forseable that it will reach the final-status just withinh weeks from now. I just would like to see more Helix skins in progress.

Btw.: Screenshot of mkiii looks very promising. But it seems I have no choice than look for some other skin meanwhile (mkii not working anymore, mkiii far from completion).



(2014-11-30, 23:34)jurialmunkey Wrote: There is no such thing as a "regular skin section" - this subforum is for all unfinished skins that have never been on the official repo. I dont really have an interest in debating semantics other than to say arctic IS a work in progress - moving from v2 to v3 is progression by its very definition - just because im not sharing v3 until its at the beta stage doesnt mean work is not being done on it.

If you cant understand why im annoyed I suggest you go back and reexamine the tone of some of your posts. Your sense of entitlement is evident even in this last post where you "just would like to see more helix skins in progress" - there are heaps of skins being worked on for helix and saying stuff like this really minimises the thousands of hours skin devs dedicate to xbmc. If you want more skins then get your hands dirty and go make one! Its all open source and its not like we're all designers or programmers - im a social worker for f's sake.
Any chance that someone finds the trick to get at least the virtual keyboard working for Helix?

I've tried to port the commit for the Confluence skin to Arctic in the DialogKeyboard.xml and Includes.xml, but without luck. I think this should be the commit:

Just donated a few bucks in the hope that it will motivate your Arctic MkIII development. Smile I'm not moving over to Helix before the skin is ready. Seriously, it's that good and my family loves it too.

(2014-11-29, 22:57)jurialmunkey Wrote: there will be a mkiii ..

Best News ever on this Board. If out it will be the only Reason to switch vom Gotham to this new kodi... Thing.. if not who cares, not need I'm Still on the Run "Never touch a Running System" Gotham works well, and Arctic is btw the best Skinn ever made for this Programm.

Hope to read soon more News Smile
I bit the bullet and moved to Helix with the knowledge I would need to find another skin and incur the wrath of the wife. Surprise surprise, Artic is functional on Helix. I don't have a PVR or do anything fancy, but for scrolling through movies/TV shows and hitting Play to watch, it still works fine.

Artic is without doubt the best skin I've used.
Still using mkii on Kodi 14 Helix. Can't wait on mkiii helix skin
If you want something similar to Arctic that is Helix compatible have a look at Conq: http://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=210
Made a fix for the keyboard if anybody is using this on Helix. Just replace DialogKeyboard.xml in 1080i folder with this one: http://pastebin.com/Xuqx0Dr0
You need to set the language options to "English ABC" or you might get missing keys.
(2015-02-06, 20:34)theearistocrat Wrote: Made a fix for the keyboard if anybody is using this on Helix. Just replace DialogKeyboard.xml in 1080i folder with this one: http://pastebin.com/Xuqx0Dr0
You need to set the language options to "English ABC" or you might get missing keys.

Awesome job!
Thanks Big Grin
A lot of other small fixes to stuff can be done by just changing id values in he corresponding files listed in this post http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=194515
Do you think we will ever see a kodi revision packaged up? I'd love to have a "final" package that contains all the 14 related bugs we currently know about.

I'm still running 13.2 and don't want to move to 14 due to no skin being available that I like as much as this. I know the new version is being made, but it's still not quite as good as this (yet) but likely will be one day soon Smile
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[Archive] Arctic24
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