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Release LazyTV - an unwatched TV Show playlist generator
Request: Would it be possible to add a configuration option to display the playlist and not immediately begin playing an episode? That way I could select which of the results I wanted to watch.
Yup, its already there. Go into the addon settings and change the primary function.

Go to the Function Settings tab, Select Primary Function of Addon, change to Produce a list of 'next episodes' for each TV series.

It will create a playlist of all 'next episodes', that is, it will find the last played episode and add the next one after that to the playlist. It will post it on the screen for you to select from.

Thats what you're looking for, right?
I have updated the addon to better handle instances of the database queries returning no results. Most of the script errors I have seen relate to that issue.

The script is intended to be used where you have TV Shows in your library (which means they are accessible from the TV Shows menu on the home screen) and you have some unwatched episodes.

I am looking at adding an optional function to have the addon fall back to generating a playlist of watched shows if there are no unwatched ones. With a notification on-screen to tell you it is doing so, of course.

Oh, and Jesse, I am not sure why the playlist_length was coming through as '5.0000', and it is supposed to be an integer, but in any case I have added a fix for that too.
Hey Karnagious,

thank you for you addon, it works really well, but sometimes i don't know what series a episode belongs to without the show name in the list view.

Could you please add a option to show the series Name and then the episode name? Like "Show Name - Episode Name".

Hi anysniper, thanks for the feedback. I was starting to get worried that it wasnt working for anyone but me and the guys who tested it Smile

I did want to do what you requested but at the moment I am just opening the standard playlist window from XBMC so cant change the display names.

I have mine set to display the show thumbnail, which indicates which show it is.

i was searching for something like the "on deck" Feature that is available in Plex for TV shows and that is possible with your addon.

I already did what you suggested, but that's not 100% solution for me. But for the moment it will work out.

You wrote "at the moment", do you plan to change that some day? I would really like to stick by your work.
I have tried creating playlists to do just this, but have a lot of .strm files from MyLibrary, so I just get an empty playlist. I will have to try this out, thanks!
There are two places in the addon that could use some custom xml work; the playlist, and the filter lists. Its just that I havent gotten around to learning enough of that stuff to give it a decent go yet.

It is something I want to get around to as I dont like how the player goes to the next show automatically. Thats just a consequence of the simple route I have taken to start.

My goal is to have a custom playlist window that has:
- the show name and episode name (optional)
- thumbnail images (optional)
- the played %, if a show is partially watched
- the next show after that partially watched one
- when you watched the last episode
- the number of unwatched episodes after the one posted as well as the number of unwatched episodes before that one

I think an on-deck feature is available in the XBMC widgets, so it may exist in some skins, but I think it only loads the first unwatched episode, not the next unwatched episode. I wouldnt be surprised if that is remedied at some point though.
(2013-08-19, 05:57)Karnagious Wrote: I am currently reworking the addon to use the JSON-RPC API instead of querying the database directly.

Hope to have that done in the next few days.

Have you already gotten to do the change? I am working on a plugin to list seasons in progress. My first attempt was using the JSON-RPC API, but it was horribly slow. I switched to directly accessing the database and the script ran 2 seconds instead of 60 seconds. What are your experiences?
Yep, the change is all made. I have found the json-rpc is slower but it isnt 30 times slower.

Are you doing lots of queries or just one for all the data and then having the script crunch the numbers?

Care to share the code?
So, I had a chance to test this out, works great so far, both video files and .strm files get added to the playlist. I had a invalid link in the playlist, but this didn't stop the script. I also decided to modify the addon.xml file so this would show up in video addons, so that I could add this to my Yatse favorites widget(can't add program scripts). Did you have any plans to add this to video addons?(I know this is a WIP) It makes LazyTV even lazier! Big Grin

EDIT: This doesn't work how I thought it was, when testing I must have started the script/stopped the playback/then queued the playlist from Yatse favorites.(which makes sense now that I see what I was actually doing). I guess I could program a remote button on my Harmony to launch the script.
I noticed something about the .strm files that had come up before(PsuedoTV?). In the playlist these are shown as: EpisodeName S##E##, however when these play the actual file name is displayed. This prevents a 'watched' tag being added to the episode. I thought this was not the case if the file was played from the library, but it shows the same file name and didn't mark the episode as watched. I could see this being a problem, as the same episodes could be queued everytime the script is ran. Do you know if the same thing was occuring when the script was querying the database?
Hi spyder, thanks for the feedback.

Normal videos havent had any problem with getting "watched" in the db, but .strms do behave differently in a bunch of ways so I'm not surprised if this is another one.

The files are added to the playlist by their filename, I will check if they can be added by something else (like episodeID). I think I used filename to control for double-episodes; where the same file is in the db twice as two episodes. I should be able to come up with something else for that though.

I recall being told this would have to be a Programs addon, but its not unlikely that I misunderstood, so I will check on that too.


PS. what are you running LazyTV on, just out of interest? How quick does it run?
(2013-09-30, 03:12)Karnagious Wrote: PS. what are you running LazyTV on, just out of interest? How quick does it run?

I'm running this on W7, ~40seconds for startup(20 episodes). No worries on setting this as a video addon, I only tried it to get the shortcut in Yatse. I don't go into my Programs menu much, but with the right skin this can be put anywhere anyway. The only way I could see a benefit of having a Yatse favorite for this is if you made this run at startup(background), so that the playlist was created and just needed to be queued.
I noticed an update this morning, anything new, or just bug fixes?
Bug fixes mostly but there is a new option to change the Primary function to ASK ME AT LAUNCH whether you want to create and start a random playlist or a list of next episodes.
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