XBMC On Sony NSZ-GS7 Internet Player ?

Woot.com is selling a Sony internet player. I was wondering if xbmc can be installed on it ?


I was actually wondering the same thing. Based on quick research, it has something to with Google and not releasing an NDK File, which I think is crap. There's gotta be someone that knows how to do it. But worst case scenario I'll just use chromecast and hopefully cast it on. BUT it would be cool to have XBMC on this device.
Also, I found this quick post: There might be capability now: http://forums.redflagdeals.com/official-.../38-print/ ...

* Google are working on Android 4 update (GoogleTV is still on v3 Android) but there are no guarantees that will change anything or Sony will update their GoogleTV box.
* Not only the NDK stuff but it would need to support libstagefright as well for video decoding, current GoogleTV media players are terribly limited with codec issues/licensing.
* Even if it did all that the hardware on the GoogleTV is very low end with very limited internal storage and no expansion options so XBMC on the current GoogleTV's would not be suitable at all for media library (coverart usage)
* No side loading on GoogleTV's, XBMC would have to come from Google app store.

So a lot of stars would have to align to make this a reality.

I have a Sony NSZ-GS7 so should things ever change I can let you know, but my distinct impression is that this would not a be a great platform for XBMC other than basic file playback with a minimal skin, also the remotes d-pad sits right above a touch sensitive click-pad (which you cant disable) so you are constantly accidental activating the mouse.
Then it seems that XBMC will never work on this device. i have tried installing it and when the application loads there is an error that the application crashed while loading.
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