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How to find "TV portuguesa" video add on
I am new to this so I apologize if I'm asking something that's been answered or I'm posting in the wrong forum. I have just gotten a jynxbox android. I have figured out how to load fusion and load rectories and install video add ons. I have sports devil and rtp. First problem is the rtp won't load the live channels. When I try to it says error loading script. It will play videos but no live tv. Not sure if I should try uninstalling it and re installing it. The other thing I need help with is finding the tv portuguesa add on. The one that gives all the sports tv, benfica tv, and all of those channels ( which is the only reason I'm bothering with this box) so my husband can watch portuguese soccer.
I figured out how to set up this box through you tube videos. And the one I watched got me to set up fusion which I did I opened the fusion file and went to repositories. Then the video said to go to and install it. I did that it was enabled when I went to add ons and it should have given me a whole list of different add ons the specific one was film on or not film on but I get no list to choose from so I'm not sure if this is where I'm missing this specific add on for the portuguese.
I'm sorry for such a long story here and I hope I've made some sense. All I wanna know is where to find tv portuguesa I hope someone can help me
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Again I'm sorry. I had no idea. Can I not uninstall and re install xbmc and start from scratch. I was confused before but now I am super confused. I just want to be able to have the tv portuguesa I don't even care about anything else
here cam italia spain, portual stream here

How to find "TV portuguesa" video add on00