Win [URGENT] Database not loading anymore!
Hi Guys,

Need some urgent help. Im running i think which i updated to a few months back on my windows desktop machine.

My EMM installation folder is sitting in my dropbox online.

Now for some stupid reason in windows you have to have your dropbox folder window open for it to successfully read the files from the EMM folder, otherwise it thinks the directory is empty.

Now when i booted up EMM today, i had the dropbox location open in a window. EMM opened with my database of movies showing, i cant remember how but somehow my dropbox folder window closed and without knowing this i pressed update library button in EMM!

Then the whole database of movies went blank!

I then tried opening the dropbox window again and tried to press Update Library button again, but now everytime i try this it just says: Cleaning Database in the bottom part of the EMM window and doesnt update or show any of my movies. The database keeps appearing blank!!!

Feel free to ask any questions that i may have forgotten to describe.

Really need my EMM to be working again, without having to go through and re-add all the movies again (as a lot of them had customised options i had selected manually in EMM over the years) - I have over 2000 movies in my database.

Thanks, i appreciate any help you guys can offer!

PS: Sorry i made a mistake earlier. I meant to say that i have version installed.
Can you upload your Media.emm? Or is the file empty?
If your database is in the dropbox it will be synced and backup up automatically on the dropbox servers. Got to webinterface in dropbox, browse to the emm database file and from context menu select something like earlier version of this file - you can then select an filedate and restore the file to this date Smile Webinterface from dropbox offers nice features like restoring deleted files - I often used those options when working on my work files during studies Smile
@DanCooper, sorry for late responce. I checked the media.emm and it was not empty it was actually 6mb, but then when compared to the earlier one i had that one was like 12 or 16mb.

@Cocotus thanks alot for your help, that really worked! I went back to yesterdays file and also installed emm version r14, and it was all back to normal! Thank god for dropbox!

Thanks guys, alls back and working now!

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[URGENT] Database not loading anymore!0
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