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[REQUEST] Pandora Radio script or plugin addon for XBMC?
Besides the US only restriction has, XBMC and/or Python developers would need like spiff said an open and fully documented API (Application Program Interface) and/or detailed protocol specifications available. It can not require any closed source proprietary software or object-code. Plus depending on the API thay have it may have to be compatible with GPL or LGPL (maybe not needed for python as much as for native XBMC implementation).

Also, does it rely on any DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection technology?

PS! A different name for DRM and proprietary technologies: C.R.A.P. (Cancellation, Restriction, And Punishment)
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Hey everyone,

Just wondering about using the Pandora online radio on xbmc. Couldn't find anything on it in the forums or wiki... it seems possible, but I don't know if there is something holding it back. Thanks for any and all input!
Does anyone know how the Sonus media players that are marketed on play the streams? Could the same method be used in XBMC?
i have recently been looking into Pandora on my xbox and i ran across this forum i dont know it if helps or not but it seems like it could be possible i really think it needs to be done i just with i know more about python XD
Rather than completely integrating Pandora into the xbmc interface, what about implementing a web browser in xbmc which could then be pointed at their site.

Is it feasible to port a browser like Firefox to the xbmc platform?

Our Wii has a simple web browser that we were able to download. I pointed it to pandora and it got like 90% of the way there (everything loaded and looked like it was going to work), then it ran out of memory.


I know absolutely nothing about coding, but here is an open source pandora implementation:

All I know is that Pandora uses plain HTTP Get requests to download non-drmed mp3s.
Boxee actually has a pretty awesome Pandora plugin. It would be great if one of the python gurus here could get it to work on XBMC. I know several of the boxee plugins work out of the box but this one does not seem to fall into that category. Cheers.
the bad thing is that Pandora only works in the US right? It used to work here in Australia, but not anymore?
All openpandora does is embed a browser (IE) that loads up the pandora site, then passes your key/mouse strokes on to the embedded browser.

@jterhune: you have a source that says they still use plain http get requests? I thought this was changed a while back because of how trivial it would be to grab them with only using a sniffer to determine the urls..
I think that Pandora is a must have killer app. It works great under Boxee, but I like the flexibility of xbmc so much more. Not to mention the vdpau support. Wink

I'm attaching the pandora application and source code from boxee. It's just a few python scripts and a skin. I wouldn't imagine it would be that hard to get working on XBMC. I suspect that nobody has tried.

Are any XBMC scripters willing to take a few minutes to check this out and try to figure out what's needed and how to port it. I may have to try to learn python if there's no interest.
It looks like some of the xbmc and scripting work is done by boxeeproxee.pyo. Since it's a compiled python binary, we'll probably either need to get the source or try to decompile it for it to work.
Instead of all the plethora reasons why it cannot be done, lets just do it!

Anybody heard of boxee?

They've got pandora working smoothly inside their interface. Saw it the other day on a Mac laptop, ran smoothly, looked great.

So instead of excuses, lets hear solutions!
music2myear Wrote:So instead of excuses, lets hear solutions!
Awesome! What's your solution?
Do we have a solution?

How about

[REQUEST] Pandora Radio script or plugin addon for XBMC?51