How are Top 100 Albums Determined
What is the criteria used to determine which albums end up in the Top 100 Albums? It seems that some stuff I listen to often isn't finding it's way into this list. Just wondering how it works...
I am also wondering how this works. I am using xbmc for some weeks now, having listened to one album completely, to several albums partly and most of the time I listened to "party mode".
Only the album that I completely listened to appears in the top100 list.

I would expect to appear every album, that was listened at least partially (more than one song). Is that configurable for this playlist?
On the wiki, its states that you can use a percentage in advancedsettings.xml to change the behavior:

Quote: <!-- Minimum percentage that has to be played before it is considered for incrementing in the Top 100 database view, or for submittal -->

so change it 30 percent or something if you want it trigger after only a couple tracks.

edit: actually that might only apply to individual tracks........... not sure on this.
Thank you helta. I have not known about this.

Unfortunately this seems not to help.
I changed the value to 15 (percent), rebooted and played 3 tracks on an (11 track) album.
The album won't appear in the Top100 album list...
Any other ideas?
So I just did a little playing around, and the only way I can trigger it is to listen to all the songs on a particular album.

Which I guess makes sense, because if you don't listen to the whole album, then you are just listening to individual tracks......

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How are Top 100 Albums Determined0
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