My home cinema and automation solution
Hello community

I like to introduce my setup. Please excuse the picture quality. I own an iPhone 4a only and the home cinema room is pretty dark.

Elektronik setup
1) Cisco SG 300-10 10-Port Gigabit Managed Switch
2) VMWARE ESXi 5.1 Server
Intel DQ67SW mainboard / i5 CPU 3GHz / 16gig ram / 3 SSDs / 300gig hdd space
5 VMs
1) Internet Firewall and Gateway (Sophos UTM 9 with AP 55 WLAN AP)
2) DC1
3) DC2
4) SQL / MySQL database for Kodi
5) Home Automation Server (part of my own developed home control system)
6) Asterisk IP telephone server
7) Game server for hosting L4D and KF2

3/4) Two separted storage solutions with a capacity of 100TB.
Intel Serverboard S3420GP with Intel® RMM3 (remote managemant module)
i3 CPU / 8gig RAM
2 x Areca 1880ix 24 port SAS controler

2 x RAID 6 / 12 x 3TB = 30TB = 60TB
2 x RAID 6 / 12 x 2TB = 20TB = 40TB

5) PS3
6) Reckhorn A-406 amplifier to power the Earthquake 10b shaker
7) XBOX 360
8) HTPC / Aeon NOX
Case is an OrigenAE S21T
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T CPU / 8Gig RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6570
Asus Xonar Essence STX sound controler for STEREO sound
9) Denon x5200w amplifier with 5.2.4  speaker setup (4 atmos heights)
10) Denon POA-T2 stereo amplidier for the main speakers
11) Denon DVD-2900
12) Synq audio 1K0 digital amplifier for the 2 18" subwoofer


Home cinema room

I use a 3m wide screen. The beamer is a JVC-X3 and i like the quality. The screen is maskable from 1,77:1 - 2,7:1.
The two main speakers are Imagnation 4 (AudioVideoForum) and the center and surrounds are
Imagnation 2. The developer of this system is a former developer of FOCAL.
I use 2 18" subwoofer in 120l volume. The are powered by 500W from the Synq audio 1K0 amplifier.
The seats are mounted on a spring driven podest with an Eartquake 10b body shaker. It's fun to watch movies and play
some games.

Home automation system

I can control my entire equipment and some other stuff. Lights, blinds, tv, heater and waterbed. I developted the
complete system by myself. A TCP socket server (VM 5) serves the data to the iPAd, iPhone and webinterface.
I tried to use siri but it's annoying. It was for fun only.
The server controls the connected modules like lights or IR2TCP module for remote control devices with no ethernet.
In addition the server recieves data from the temperature modules and magnet switches to determine open windows.
The modules itself are connected via ZigBee.
The elektronik of the modules based on ATMEL controlers. I can update the firmware of the modules over air so
no need for disassembling.
The server is programmed in .NET and the ATMEL controlers are programmed with BASCOM.


A small update. I have replaced the LCARS remote with a TRON like style.
TRON like remote
Wow, that's a serious setup, congrats Nod
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100 terabytes!! Sick setup!
What OS are you running on all your machines including that massive 100tb setup

I Have got a 20TB setup and i thought it was big but wow

You must be either

a) running a usenet server form your home, or

b) work as a contractor for the NSA ;-) , or

c) just plain crazy

either way, I like it

my 9TB server feels pretty measly compared to this
Thank you all for your comments! :-)

I use Linux (Ubuntu Server) for my 2 NAS.
At my DCs i use W2008. The rest is Windows XP.

I work as a system administrator and i'm able to get hardware and software very cheap.

I'm collecting DVDs and BluRays since a long time but i don't like to be a disk jockey so i ripped my entire collection.

And last but not least it's good to know i have some space free. :-)
Impressive. Where did you get Lara Croft? Smile
I asked her for a date and she agreed. :-)

She is from an ebay auction. I paid 129€.
Gulp. Awesome. My 8TB feels like a flash drive.
That is fantastic !!!!
you need lara to guard all that gear. lol
All your missing there is a shiny tape robot and someone to keep your backups safe.
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IB-NAS4220-B HW revision 1.2 || 2x 1TB HDD RAID 1 || Open WRT firmware.
I didn't know people still had waterbeds.
(2013-08-27, 00:46)artrafael Wrote: Impressive. Where did you get Lara Croft? Smile

A life sized Lara Croft and a water bed,........creepy. Rofl
But nice system,....I hope Lara likes it.
Wow! Amazing.

I've always wanted temperature controlled blinds and I LOVE projector set ups way more than tv set tops.

Wish I had the computer knowledge to set up a system like yours too.
Does Star Fleet know that you stole that display?

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