Upgrade from 3.4 to 3.4.27 on Pi
Hi all,

I'm running version 3.4 on my Raspberry Pi installed through the apt repository (http://apt.tvheadend.org/stable).

As there's no 3.4.27 in the repository I'm wondering how I should best do the update...

Should I build this version and just replace the binary file or do a full "make install"? What about my config files and future updates?

Any advice is appreciated.

Common advice seems to be to build it as a package, and then use apt-get to install it - if you use make install, you bypass the dependency checking and package manager, which apparently invites problems. Config will survive if you stay on the master branch.

It's easy enough to build the .deb, so I've always done as I'm told :-)

Alternatively... is there anything suitable for you in the unstable or beta repositories?
Can you point me to any guide on how to build the package? I saw there's the autobuild script included but it doesn't seem to work for Raspberry's.

Unstable / beta is no option as they're not available or outdated too.
There's a build.linux script that I've used, although I'm on a full-fat server and not a Pi. Given that you can install the Debian/Ubuntu packages, it should just be a matter of telling the script the desired distro and letting it go ahead.



I also found some mention of "use the debhelper script which is included" (I assume you're using Raspbian because of your reference to the apt repository).

Also https://tvheadend.org/news/56 - whether that means "building on Raspbian is broken" or "building on our servers with Raspbian as the target is broken", I don't know.

I don't think I can immediately point you any further, though, since I lack either ARM Linux or a Pi to try anything on!
I would recommend you compile tvheadend on the Pi, then remove the current version using apt-get remove, then install your compiled version with make install. Your config will stay as long as you don't use the --purge switch when running apt-get remove.
Thanks for your replies.

I compiled version 3.4.27, replaced the binary (not running make install) and it seems to work. Guess as soon as the repository is working again I can undo it and use apt to update it again.

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Upgrade from 3.4 to 3.4.27 on Pi0
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