How to turn on power saving when PVR/Live TV running
Hi All,

I posted similar question in openelec forum as I use Openelec distro for XBMC, but no helpful answer there.
Question isn't probably openelec related, maybe it has something to do with TVHeadend PVR addon.

I would like to set up openelec/XBMC to suspend system after some time of "idle live TV running/watching"... I'm almost sure, that in previous versions of XBMC/TVH/OE it worked this way...

We use Openelec/XBMC frontend and TVHeadend standalone server as backend. There are some options in PVR->power saving and system->power saving settings, but none of them works like expected. Tried several different versions of TVHEADEND, and XBMC/Openelec as well. I have found a lot of discussions about waking up for recordings but no one that would solve this(suspending).

I would assume the system would ask you after cca 3hours of "idle" watching TV (without channel switching) if you are still watching - in case of no response system would power off/suspend... Common behavior: You set up "idle timeout" let's say to 3hours - this is the time during which you usually at least once change the channel(different movie, advertisement, etc..) or check EPG, etc., which means you are still "alive"Smile. Changing channel interrupts the "idle timer". In case you would really watch the same channel for more than 3 hours, you would be asked smth. like - "Are you still watching? Press any key or system will shut down" That's the way how my Samsung and LG TV works...

The other solution could be just hard set the system suspend without asking after configured time... I mean the same way like common current Television works.

There are several reasons for that:
1. if user wont switch off PC, TV wont switch off automatically and both of them keep consuming energy (u have to use sleep timer and in some configuration on both TV and PC as well)
2. users usually switch of only TV, not PC -> which means PC keeps consuming energy
3. client PC blocks TV tuner in TVHeadend backend until it's switched off... This is very inconvenient in case of more users than available tuners in TVH backend

Have you got any idea how to set this?
Does it behave this way for someone? What combination of XBMC version/PVR type?
Is it issue of the openelec/XBMC itself or issue of the combination OE/XBMC with TVH?
Is there any settings in TVH to release/disconnect client after some time to release the tuner for other "active" clients?

Thanks a lot
Take care
Hi there? no one pls?
I know your post is over a year old and it is a very good question but as a new member, I must say these forums suck. I have posted at least 3 questions now and no one responds. I see you had the same problem.

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How to turn on power saving when PVR/Live TV running1
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