Common PVR database between multiple XBMC machines.
Does anyone know of a way to have a common PVR database across more than one machine running XBMC?

My current setup is

DBVlink TV server on my Qnap TS412 NAS to with a HD Homerun network tuner.
1 X I5 powered HTPC in one room, currently running Windows 7 with XBMC 12.2, in the process of moving that across to Ubuntu and XBMC 12.2 (Full Ubuntu build instead of XBMCbuntu as the DVBlink server add on does not work under XBMCbuntu)
1X I3 NUC running Ubuntu and XBMC 12.2

The issue I have is that when a change is made on one machine (Adding a recording timer for instance) it does not reflect on the other. If I reset the PVR database it then shows up with everything that is current, but doing that every time I want to watch recorded TV is a bit inelegant, and I suspect (I will have to play with it further to confirm) that if I change or add a timer event on one machine it deletes ones made on the other if I have not reset the database.

Is there a relatively simple way to store the PVR database on my NAS for example so that both machines refer to the one database? Alternately, is there a way to have XBMC automatically reset the database each time it is started or woken from sleep? I would assume with lots of recordings the time taken to do this would increase but I generally don't have lots of them at any one time so it would not be a major issue.

I am trying to move away from Mediaportal as a back end to having the server on the NAS so recordings in the small hours take can place with the HTPC asleep, less live hardware = smaller power bill.
I'm confused. You begin by talking about using DVBLink, then in the end you say you're moving away from Mediaportal?

Anyway, recordings and everything else is supposed to be in sync across all XBMC instances, if it isn't it's probably an issue with that specific backend addon.
Mediaportal has been doing the back end work for a bout 12 months, but it requires the HTPC to be awake for recordings (Up to a couple of hundred watts compared to under 40 for the NAS) and also has to be awake to easily watch recorded TV on the other HTPC, or schedule recordings etc. XBMC also does not wake on LAN the HTPC with Mediaportal on it if you try to use the TV server from the other HTPC so to use it on one you had to go and manually wake up the other. DVBlink server for the NAS overcomes both of those problems so I have been moving towards it.

From what I have seen since posting the first time, it appears that XBMC syncs the PVR stuff to what is on the server when XBMC is started up, but it is not a live sync, as in if I make a change to a recording schedule on one HTPC is is not reflected on the other until XBMC is restarted or the PVR database reset. It loads the EPG but does not apparently refresh the rest of the database on resume from sleep.

Under Linux (Or windows) is there an easy command to have XBMC restart on resume form sleep? That would resolve it well enough.
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