Public Domain ROM Sites
This is a placeholder for legit ROM sites (including WAD resources for PrBoom, etc). If you find a site, please post the URL here and preferably what emulators you've tested the ROMs with.

Some emulators support loading ROMs from memory/VFS (and for others, the patch for VFS support is usually pretty simple). This means that plugins can be made for these sites, and the emulators will be able to play the ROMs directly from their HTTP url.

This list will also be a great resource for testing purposes. Get posting!
RetroPlayer releases:

Donations: eigendude.eth
PDRoms biggest (to me) known resource for public domain and test files for nearly every console ever released.
I apologize if this is a too off-topic discussion for this thread as this might even be too off-topic for the RetroPlayer subforum, but I think that it is a good on-topic suggestion in regards to Legal ROMs sites and XBMC, that is;

Game Store for games ROMs
That is, provide a centralized Game Store for games ROMs inside Kodi to enable easy access to downloading of ROMs as digital content directly from inside the 10-foot GUI. To make games ROM downloadable from Kodi as easy as addons you probably need a new type of addons that can provide access to different digital distributions and content delivery networks. So when and if RetroPlayer makes it into XBMC mainline it would really nice to have an Python Script or Plugin Addon in XBMC with a nice integrated GUI as part of RetroPlayer or a general Games Manager Library, with an content delivery interface called "ROM Store" or something similar, that content delivery interface would work like XBMC's existing Addon Manager, being a digital distribution platform with repositories and browsing of available addons, but instead of offering normal addons those plugins or scripts would instead only allow you browse game ROMs. Adding a on-demand digital distribution platform for downloading ROMs to RetroPlayer in XBMC, and at least have some legal ROM site repos added by default to that, and the users themselves could add links additional repos for sites that contain other ROMs.

Kind of like how content delivery platform interfaces like how Cydia works on jailbroken iOS devices

So it would be like an Game Store for ROMs within XBMC, smoothly integrated into existing GUI if possible so the Game Store did not look like an addon.

Anyway, here is a list of a few more Legal ROMs site, or rather sites that offer "Public Domain ROMs" free to download, since all ROMs are legal, it is just how you use them that might be illegal, so checkout:
good point. thread title updated Smile i dream big. not only will plugins allow you to browse remote roms, but their content will show in the game database alongside local roms. a passerby couldn't point out the difference.
RetroPlayer releases:

Donations: eigendude.eth
Anyone got a single rom image that will work with RetroPlayer for testing purposes?
@zag here are a couple homebrew games.

Dpad hero (guitar hero for nes)

BattleKid demo (another nes homebrew)
That PDroms site is actually pretty great. Pac-man and Airwolf both available for SNES? So cool. Simply creating an addon that lists the most popular games, irrespective of platform, and then downloading (and of course making use of the just-in-time emulator installer) would be pretty awesome as an out-of-the-box solution.
Anybody have any luck finding a legal PSX rom? I haven't had any luck. The only two on seemed exclusively for windows. I could be wrong I suppose.

Trying to test PSX with something garbear can use.
Yopaz IceStar doesn't work?
And no PDRom is windows only... they are all console/emulator only.
I'll try it out when I get home. I'm on ubuntu 12.04.
Download link is broken, just fyi.
Back to the Roots - For Commodore Platforms (once site returns to full functionality) -

EDIT: At the moment though you can only browse entries on the site database not download.

EDIT 2: Have sent an email to the site management.

I was asked by MrGrymReaper to post links to our various sections that you could all use. At theoldcomputer we provide historical versions of emulators and a repository for rom's, disk images and old software. We have over 540,000 such roms and almost as many emulators. We also hold magazines, artwork, manuals and any other relater material that is of use to collectors and fans.

The following links will take you to the appropriate sections.

ROMs Database

Emulator Database

Main Site Options

I hope this is what you asked me for. If you need any specific links just let me know but by going to these main sections you will be able to navigate to just about anything.
A while back i was working with a guy who wanted to add a game store to kodi. That would be an interesting place to find resources such as this. Any volunteers?
(2015-01-20, 14:07)garbear Wrote: A while back i was working with a guy who wanted to add a game store to kodi. That would be an interesting place to find resources such as this. Any volunteers?
Bump for Google Summer of Code, did that guy publish anything?

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