RetroPlayer Test Builds (updated for Leia)

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(2017-08-13 00:22)nihilisticEevee Wrote:  
(2017-08-13 00:11)lrusak Wrote:  
(2017-08-13 00:02)nihilisticEevee Wrote:  I know you(garbear) said there would be advanced video options later, but i wanted to ask. Will there be a hard gpu sync option? I love the option in retroarch as it helps with input lag and is why i use retroarch as often as possible.

I know this is prob. long off(if at all) but i want to bring it so it can be planned for, rather than having to rewrite bunch of stuff in include it later on.

This will require the a retroplayer video renderer as it uses sync/fencing to make sure the rendering is a good as possible.


They talk about drm/kms also which is linux specific. This is apparently the best way to run RetroArch. Kodi can run on drm/kms (v18 only) and I have a special LibreELEC build that uses it (for x86 hardware). If you are interested in testing that I can post a link.

Thanks for the offer but i want to wait for retroplayer to be more mature before i install it my windows off the pc.

Sure, but just an FYI LibreELEC can be installed and run off a USB stick.

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First of all im a complete Retroplayer noob, but thought i give it a quick testrun.

I've got a Logitech F710 (which i try to setup via "Settings -> System -> input -> configure attatched controllers)":

- What i noticed first, is that in somecases "left" (trigger, stick, shoulder, or what ever) was the first to configure, in somecases (stick setup) "right" was first (for me a bit confusing, i would prefere to setup always first from right to left (or may vise versa), no mather if i setup a analog stick or the shoulder buttons).
- It also wasnt always clear to me which button to push (is "up", "down", "left", "right" now the analog "cross stick"? -> thuther below is a special analog stick setup?)
- not all imputs where recocnised in controler setup (analog sticks -> right stick setup doesnt accepts inputs.)

Playing games:
- First i start with "2048": - Everytime i hit "left" or "right" on my "analog/cross stick", the Time shows up in gameosd (just during the item movement.) + often the game set itself back, mostly after got one 128 item.

Adding games:
- Trying to add Nintendo64 Roms (.ext -> .v64 or .z64) doesnt work - did also try to zip them, didnt help.
- Did also try to add some ISO's (Wii at first) which didnt work to. EDIT: -> O.K. guess Wii Games rnt supported, and it looks like i have to Rip my old PS1 Games in a different format (BIN/CUE i guess) /EDIT

Back in the days i use "Advanced Launcher" together with some Emulators to play my prefered Games in/with Kodi. In Advanced Launcher it was Possible to search Game Artwork (/scrape Games). Is this also planed for the final Kodi integration? (will there be a Games.db? which holds the Artworks like the one for Videos and Music?) - would be nice to be able to scrape Games Artwork.


EDIT: Im on Windows 7 using the latest Retroplayer Build (KodiSetup-20170805-f8b1f0da2a-retroplayer-18alpha1-x86)

Debug Log -> Link to the Log
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I can't speak to the controller issues, but I bet garbear knows exactly what's wrong.

Games db is planned, but will come after most RP features. For now you will have to launch from file explorer. If you want a good-looking interface check out the IARL thread in this subforum.
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