either: Tuning failed. or: No input detected
tv headend htsp client
tuning failed

tvheadend htsp client
no input detected

Hi friends.

I m new on linux ubuntu 12.10 with my AMD Dual-Core E-350.

Everything works fine with xbmc 12.2.

But since i installed the PVR Backend Tvheadend to watch DVBT mit a new USB-Stick from Digittrade (Afatech AF013) I have an Issue wich I can not resolve by myself with google.

I would Be happy somebody could help my to walkthrough. Because:

I dont know what can I do more if XBMC says to me (either: 1 or: 2) by watching Live-TV:
tv headend htsp client:
tuning failed
tvheadend htsp client:
no input detected

If point 2 happens, a little waitingtime helps for suddenly good receiving all TV channels.

If point 1 happens, nothing helps, reboot helps very rarely, if that helps then I reach the behavior of point 2, little waitingtime after sellect a channel and suddenly it runs.

But next day the same.

I think everything could be ok:
Installation of DVBT-Stick Digittrade (Afatech AF013)
Installation+Setup of TVheadend, I have all my channels in xbmc with! correct times EPG, should run!
Configuration of PVR client Tvheadend HTSP Client

TvHeadend runs, Channels are mapped, i have all Muxes in good quality

But XBMC dont start playing channels after Idle or after boot.

Is there somebody who had same issue and could help me what to do? And I am yet not able to evaluate logfils by myself. hm.

You could start by posting a debug log demonstrating the issue.

When you get those errors in XBMC, are you able to play the channels in VLC using tvheadend's web interface (I doubt it but it's worth checking)?
Hi negge,
thank you for your replay, but I forgot to subscribe the thread.

I deinstalled TVH because there have been more than this problem.
for instance:
-shutdown nearly not possible: without TVH after 3 sec System is Off, with TVH after 5 minutes Systm is Off.
I putted TVH away.

I would like to pick up where this thread left off, as I, too, get the 'No Input Detected' notification. My hostname (localhost), port numbers, username and password appear to be correct in the add-on configuration, and when I am in a normal desktop I can log into the web interface, and from there I can see at least 1 channel from the mozilla vlc plugin.

However, when I'm in xbmc, Live TV doesn't work. At first, I would go to the Live TV option in the main menu, and all I would get was a black screen with cursor, before xbmc restarted itself.

Then, I created a submenu item to browse channels. From here, xbmc won't crash, and I can see the names of my channels. However, also says the channels are not available, and I get the aforementioned "No Input Detected" notification.

I am new to tvheadend and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and here's a crashlog: http://pastebin.com/MStXWt0G

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either: Tuning failed. or: No input detected0
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