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With the help of the forum I was finally able to get this all about 99% running. The last part is just getting an actually stream to come through to my tv. Currently I have a Mythbuntu backend (MythTV & a Raspbmc (XBMC 12.2). The plugin gets all the channel info and allows me to browse. But anytime I click on a channel to start it, I get the message "Channel Unavailable". I have not idea how to troubleshoot this or where to go so I am hoping for some help. I am able to run MythTV Frontend locally on the MythTV and stream any channel without any issues. Let me know if you need any more info. I appreciate the help in advance! Here is the log file:
Please try to disable ipv6 in your backend configuration by clearing the ipv6 field in the general tab in mythtv-setup.
I had this issue it turned out that I had not correctly setup the inputs in mythbackend you need to define a video source and then link that video source to the inputs you defined in the input connections dialog. In the Video Source field you should be able to select the video source you created. Until I did that I could not get my second channel working i.e. I could watch something on xbmc one but not on a second xbmc.

see post

I hope this helps.

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(2013-09-16, 07:58)cfetzer Wrote: Please try to disable ipv6 in your backend configuration by clearing the ipv6 field in the general tab in mythtv-setup.

Success!! Removing ipv6 resolved my issue!
Thank you so much for your help!!
Now I just need to see if there is any way to speed up things. The mouths are slightly off, barely noticeable. And I feel the changing channels process is a little choppy. Any suggestions?
Map ch+/- to bring up and scroll through the pvr channel osd instead of changing channels
I have a similiar issue I hope someone can help with. I get the channel unavailable message for all but one of my HBO channels. It happened all of a sudden...I had made no changes to the system. All other channels I am supposed to get tune with no issues. Comcast thinks it is an issues with my HDHomeRun box, but I don't believe it. Any one have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.
Post a debug log (wiki)
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SYMPTONS: MythTv backend is recording, OSMC will not playback, Laptop's running Ubuntu server with MythFrontend work with liveTv.

My other halt put up with no live TV for about 12 months (somehow Im still here - she has patience) (thank you for a patient other half!).... XMAS approached I had to find the problem out here.

After our old backend server failed to run after bad upgrades, I installed a new VM running a new server and redirected USB tunning input.

--> It turns out if you have IPv6 enabled on the backend the OSMC client doesn't connect, at least in our house.If you are unsure whether your home routers/equipment will run IPv6 correctly, then in Ubuntu see:

It worked a treat here - I should have done it months ago (I completely forgot about it and the update must have blatted my changes), rather than watching channel unavailable text scrolling past! we finally have live Tv again. Smile I hope this helps anyone with a similiar setup.

The solution for this setup where OSMC is run on PI's was to disable IPv6 on the server, to ensure it allowed IPv4 connections!

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