"no poster found for this movie" - wha?
(2013-09-18, 20:06)dinozzo Wrote: Hi, I have setup Ember with an api key and the settings that DanCooper suggested in his work around but I am unable to get posters of an acceptable size and quality. Before I could get 1000x1500 posters every scrape and now all I get is 185x278 "covers". I have changed every size drop-down box to the largest size to see if that would have any effect but it hasn't. Enabling the other "get poster from" options just results in even more small posters and non English ones. I'm sure I'm overlooking something. Does anyone know how to correct this issue?

I am seeing the same thing.
We are working on a solution.
(2013-09-19, 00:22)DanCooper Wrote: We are working on a solution.

I was going to say "that's why you make the big bux".

But in reality it's "that's why you have so many adoring fans".

Big Grin
(2013-09-19, 00:22)DanCooper Wrote: We are working on a solution.

Yeah!! So glad to hear that!

I've been refraining myself from creating an API request, worried that these requests may flood their system unnecessary with end-user request (plus there are so many fields to fill! Tongue)
Great to see this being worked on. Hoping that it won't delay the 1.4 release too much.

The API change triggered one thought with me. Can someone help elaborate the differences between the three different ways of scraping (native, TMDB, XML). Do we really need all three of them? What are the differences and which one is best? I have API keys with both TMDB and fanart.tv. Downloading trailers is important to me.

Thanks for any thoughts (independent of the current "bug")!
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I know the devs working on a solution so maybe its not the best time to ask questions on the matter. But, the workaround did the job quite well for me until now - a couple of minutes ago I tried to scrape a movie and got to chose the poster and fanart, right after that I got a bunch of error messages and was thrown back to my movie list/library with the movie GONE from the library. Weird!

Awaiting the fix badly! Thanks to everyone putting in the effort!
Thanks so much for working on a fix! I am sure everyone here appreciates the time and effort as much as I do.

Can't wait for a fix but don't mind just grabbing myself for time being. Is this also affecting the ability for it to fetch youtube trailers? I get nothing when clicking find and download. Have to get it myself.
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well at least now i know im not the only one with this problem Undecided
Can't wait for the fix. Dan, please keep us posted.
I can also confirm no YouTube trailers.
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(2013-09-22, 06:31)CaptainKen Wrote: I can also confirm no YouTube trailers.

I noticed this too. The "Download Trailer List" button does not work. However if I past the URL of the youtube video into the Direct Link box it will present the download quality options, and I can successfully get the trailer that way.
It obviously makes sense that Trailers don't work... The list is populated from TMDB. The TMDB scraper is currently not working because it uses the API that is deprecated...
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(2013-09-17, 19:55)voip-ninja Wrote: Hi Dan.

One note, your embedded links have ' ' around them and won't work when clicked (I had to edit the links).

I was able to create an account and I authorized it but when I try your .API key link I am getting an "unauthorized" error returned from the server.

Thanks much for providing the help.... is this problem due to the legacy API being retired?

I was able to get to the API request page by clicking on my account details (after having created the account, verifying it and logging in) and then going through the API request form.

Be aware that they want a lot of information to give you the API such as your address, phone number, the web page for your application and a summary of what you will use the API for.

It seems that this might be a very limited workaround at best especially if they are flooded with requests from people who want EMM to scrape stuff (and list that in the details).

Once details are provided the API key is generated in pretty short order. Now on to try to configure it into Ember.

Mind sharing an update? I too am taking this approach but stopped at the request because of the amount of requested personal information. Were you able to set everything up and scrape images like before or is there still an issue? Thanks in advance Smile
Give me one or two more days. I have the problem almost solved. It will then work as before (scraping & trailers).

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