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Linux - Xbmcbuntu on laptop
Hi all

Im still pretty new in here, plus XBMC is new allso, so please bear with me.

My system is build on a HP Probook 6550b with a ATI 4500 mobilty card.

To get this working i had to install a 12.00 beta and follow this ->

1. question
This leaves me with a working system but a lot of features saying that the are broken. Am i missing anything here?

2. question.
Do i need special drivers or something to be able to close my lid on the laptop?
(what i am thinking about here, is when i close the lid, the screen automaticle shutsdown, like the standard feature in windows)

Best regards.
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

1. It would help if you state *which* functions are not working and what error messages you received.
2. See this post:
thanks Artrafael

Regarding 2. question. Thanks alot, didnt find that thread, when i searched the forum.

Regarding the 1 question, i dont what happen, if the system just needed some time. but now everything works fine.

sorry for misplacing the thread, though it put it self under the linux section when linux was seleceted.

Do a thread need to be closed?
That link for question 2 should work; I just clicked it again and it took me to the post with the tip on how to disable laptop lid closing from activating suspend.

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