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[WIP] Multi Slideshow Screensaver

I am working on a new (python based) Screensaver called "Multi Slideshow". It is not meant as a replacement to the "Slideshow" Screensaver because it has a different approach: Showing Multiple Pictures/Fanarts at once.

At the moment the add-on itself includes five complete unique looking modes:
  • TableDrop
    Should look like dropping images to a table as seen from above.
  • StarWars
    Good old star wars intro text effect Smile
  • RandomZoomIn
    I like fireworks...
  • AppleTVLike
    Effect of images flying through the screen from the bottom to the top, at different depth levels.
  • GridSwitch
    A grid of images, with random switching new images, one by one.

A video says more than words, so have a look to this YouTube Demo Video:

In reality (at least on my developer machine) it looks smoother than in this screen capture video. But I don't believe that all of them will work nice on slower hardware like the Raspberry Pi.

It is still work in progress, but I wanted to show you the current progress.

No need for PM again, feedback was good, all issues should be fixed.

Here is the full changelog:

0.1.0 (09.01.2014)
- added possibility to choose between fanart and thumbnail on movies and albums
- added possibility to start the slideshow as program plugin (press exit, back or stop to exit)
- possibly fix star wars effect race condition on slow machines
- ignore directories with leading dot (e.g. .git, .DS_Store)

0.0.2 (unreleased)
- fix script error with float wait time
- catch empty image folder
- allow recursive folder lookup
- added setting for disabling random image order
- fix fast image preload race condition
- allow more speed and concurrency in AppleTVLike
- added setting to disable random order on GridSwitch
- more precise wait time calculation
- fix short flashing of the next image in StarWarsScreensaver

0.0.1 (unreleased)
- initial version

Here is the download link (You need to download this .ZIP and install manually):
Download Version 0.1.0

Feedback, ideas, whatever welcome Wink

My GitHub. My Add-ons:
Perhaps check power point for some inspiration for animations / transitions? Ability to add some reddit image sections?
So far looking good!
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nice Smile
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very nice - thumbs up ! Smile
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Looks great - much appreciated!
I like specially modes 1, 3 & 4 but all is great.
In my PC I use a screensaver called Photojoy with very similar modes
Love it so far!! Especially like the Apple TV, Zoom In and the Multi Grid, in that order. Thanks so much for working on this. Looking forward to the finished product!!
AppleTV is very very nice!
Thanks for all you comments!

(2013-09-17, 23:04)bry- Wrote: ...Ability to add some reddit image sections?...
Of course, other image sources will be available later. Problem is, that for some modes the code (especially some mathematical formulas) need to know the image aspect ratio. On fanarts its easy: 16:9... Wink Of course I could crop or stretch the images to a homogeneous ratio, but I still look for a smarter solution...

EDIT: I could need some help on mode depending background images and add-on icon/fanart...
My GitHub. My Add-ons:
He Sphere, looking good. I was waiting for a new screensaver type.

Question 1: Have you tested that the screensaver will kick in while playing music and/or when the screensaver is active it go back smoothly to where was when accessing the xbmc (remote/keyboard/mouse.)

Question 2: Can you release an alpha or beta where the screensaver will do the ugly solution stating above so that we can already enjoy the screensaver Smile.
Kodi v19, LibreElec v18.5 , Synology DS920+, Tesla Model 3 Black. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Any updates?
+1 for this your video looks awesome. We use our photos and tv as a giant digital picture frame that is on most of the time. Getting a bit tired of the default pan and zoom.

Would love a rough version but would hope for it to support picture sources. Would be happy to test and report back on different res and aspect ratios that photos would throw. Perhaps not all modes would support it but Apple TV and overlay ones would work?[/u]
Your demo video looks great!

I miss the Windows 7 MCE photo screensaver functionality that XBMC lacks.

Windows 7 MCE photo screensaver video for those that haven't seen it before.

Any news about this Multi Slideshow Screensaver development?

This looks very cool. I just can't seem to download the files I need to get it going. A little help?
No one knows where to download this addon?
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[WIP] Multi Slideshow Screensaver2
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