Video of latest xbmc code on Raspberry Pi
(2013-09-29, 13:05)popcornmix Wrote:
(2013-09-29, 12:37)MediaPi Wrote: Although I commend the Raspberry Pi and use one as my main HTPC source. In terms of hardware its already being beaten on price and performance. The quad core boxes are selling for around £50. Your optimising it to the death and by the time your finished you can pick up a quad core beast that will cost the same or lower and have GUI performance x8 minimum. Whats the point in optimising it when consumers will just jump ship. All they care about is price/performance. and all your efforts will have been for nothing??

There are a lot of Raspberry Pi devices out there. Due to it's business model (education), it's a long term platform - it will be supported for years.

While xbmc isn't a primary goal of Raspberry Pi, I'm in a unique position of being able to edit the GPU firmware and xbmc code to fix problems.
And I have a Pi in my living room which is the only thing I watch videos on, so I have an incentive to improve it.

The cheap android boxes will come and go. All are, I believe, not fully functional (e.g. missing CEC, 24Hz switching and DTS/AC3 passthrough), and may well be abandoned by manufacturers before they do work.

No doubt more powerful boxes will continue to appear, and android support will improve, but I'd like to keep the Pi competetive for as long as is possible.
Well said popcornmix!

Let's not forget as well that the goals of the Pi may be primarily education but the more Pi XBMC users out there, the more sales, the more money available to dedicate to that education goal. Once again as well, kids and adults alike deserve recreation time. Not everyone wants to spend every day, every minute learning! If a kid gets a Pi for a present from a well-meaning relative and that kid initially has no interest in electronics or programming, they can still use the unit for however long and as we all know, the interests of kids vary over time, so being that the Pi is multi-puprose, the kid who one day wasn't interested, might well be 6 months down the track!

MediaPi your perspective is very short sighted to say the least. XBMC on the Pi can save a lot of LCD (not LED or 'smart') era flat TVs from landfill for many years. Only 4K might threaten the usefulness of the Pi as an XBMC platform.

popcornmix is also correct in that every one of those boxes/boards you are suggesting would potentially either come with, or need, yet another remote control because they don't bother support CEC. The Pi saves landfil again there.

(2013-09-29, 13:13)popcornmix Wrote: I believe the whole directory is iterated, and then each file is compared with a valid subtitle filename, so the time taken is proportional to the number of files in the directory.
With a thousand moveies, each with a collection of artwork, nfo files and subs, I could imagine this taking a couple of seconds (although I keep things as hieracrhical as possible, so haven't tried this).
That makes sense, except that AFAIK artwork (downloaded from metadata sources like TMDB) is generally stored separately to the movie files source location, isn't it? I thought that posters and background metadata was given a generic filename and stored in the userdata folder? Sorry if this seems nit picky. I think your broader point is probably quite valid. I previously thought it might have been better to keep the database basename strings as short as possible to reduce SQLite database size as a bottleneck but I guess since I'm storing my media on a NAS and currently accessing it over SMB (I hear you in terms of NFS being faster thought), then I guess file / folder existence checking might be an issue.

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